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Post Driver for Y Post and T Post

The Reason Why Choose The Star Picket Post Driver First we need to understand what is Star Picket Post Driver . Star Picket Post Driver is  used for  T post or Y post .In general, farmers choose T post or Y post when using fixed knot fence as a cattle fence.And there are many benefits […]

Comparison Of Physical Properties Of Raw Materials In Veldspan Fencing?

The Difference Wire Material Of Veldspan Fencing? The available wire for produce the veldspan fencing it is: low carbon steel wire, Carbon steel wire (hard type), high carbon steel wire. Wire Material Physical Properties Tensile Strength Mpa Yield Strength Mpa Elongation % V-type shock absorption work (vertical) Ak/J Low carbon steel wire 350–450 195 33 ≥27 Carbon steel wire […]

Why Choose Wave Deer Fence with Relatively High Price ?​

Why Choose Wave Deer Fence with Relatively High Price ? The weave deer fence is a kind of livestock fence widely used in the Americas and Europe to prevent landslides and Maintain ecological balance. Especially in the rainy mountainous areas, sewing a layer of 120 g sunscreen nylon woven cloth on the outside of the […]

How  to Judge Y Picket Post or T Studded Post ?

The method to discriminate Y post and T post Usually,Judging whether it is Y picket post or T studded post only needs to look at two points. Including the middle and bottom of the post. First, look at the middle of the post. When you inspect the post, if you find many bumps in the middle, there is no doubt […]