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    Concrete Reinforcement Steel Wire Mesh

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    Concrete Reinforcement Steel Wire Mesh

    Product Profile

    Concrete Reinforcement Steel Wire Mesh Welded reinforcing mesh also known as welded wire reinforcement, is a kind of mesh reinforcement. Reinforcing mesh is high efficient, economical and flexible for concrete reinforcement, greatly save the construction time and reducing the labor force. It is widely used in road and highway construction, bridge engineering, tunnel lining, housing construction, floor, roof and walls, etc.


    Concrete Reinforcement Steel Wire Mesh 


    Concrete Reinforcement Steel Wire Mesh

    The welded wire fabric makes them easier to work on.

    There are different diameters of steel reinforcing mesh each suited for a particular application.

    There are different designs of steel reinforcing mesh from bent and rolls to flat sheets. As per BS 4482 standards and codes, the stainless steel wire used in the manufacture of the steel reinforcing mesh has a 510MPa tensile strength and 485MPa minimum proof stress.



    Concrete Reinforcement Steel Wire Mesh

    The steel reinforcing mesh is rigid making it possible for you to control concrete cover during construction.

    Manufacturers produce steel reinforcing mesh under SANS1024 Standard Specifications The steel bars stay intact whenever immersed in concrete because they are carefully welded in mats.

    You don’t have to apply additional surface treatment to the steel reinforcing mesh before used



    Concrete Reinforcement Steel Wire Mesh

    Less field labor needed when making reinforced concrete slabs using this mesh thus drastically speeding up the construction process.

    The mesh is easy to load and unload, and easy to handle at the working site.



    Concrete Reinforcement Steel Wire Mesh

    Properly mixed concrete is poured into the mesh and then given time to dry out.

    The concrete, as it continues to dry out, it grips the steel bars tightly creating bond stress between these two materials.

    This bond stress is essential because it reduces bending and makes reinforced concrete slabs stronger.



    Company introduction
    Concrete Reinforcement Steel Wire Mesh
    (1) Steel raw material suppliers from the big steel factory of China
    (2) 10 Welded machine import from Germany
    (3) Qualified and trained technical and workers
    (4) Strictly Quality Control Processing
    Concrete Reinforcement Steel Wire Mesh
    Concrete Reinforcement Steel Wire Mesh

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    Concrete Reinforcement Steel Wire Mesh

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