Barbed Wire

Packaging Details: Water Proof Paper, Wooden Case And Pallet
Supply Ability: 2000000 Piece/Pieces per Week
Delivery Time: 15 Days
Port: Tianjin Xingang


Barbed wire is used for various security fencing and barriers. It can be laid directly on the ground, mounted on the top of fence or in rows as an independent barrier. To prevent corrosion, barbed wire has a zinc coating. The barbed wire consists of barb wire and line wire. The wire diameter of line wire is larger. The line wire can have one wire or two wires. The barb wires are braided with a system of constant torsion around line wire. One barb wire forms two spikes and two pieces of wire-four spikes. The sharpened spikes are protective elements of barbed wire.

Barbed Wire 

Hot dipped galvanized barbed wire specification

Zinc surface density: (the more zinc, the corrosion resistance is stronger.)
Horizontal line wire/barb wire (g/㎡): 80/60, 114/85, 175/147, 260/240.

Galvanized single strand barbed wire size

  • Made of l line wire with 4 spikes, spaced at a distance of 70 mm – 120 mm.

  • Horizontal line wire diameter 2.8 mm.

  • Barb wire diameter 2.0 mm.

  • Number of spikes 4.

  • Packed in coils: 25-45 kg/coil, or 100 m, 500 m/coil.

Galvanized barbed wire with double strand size

  • Made of 2 twisted line wires with 4 spikes, spikes spaced at a distance of 75 mm – 100 mm.

  • Horizontal wire barbed wire diameter 2.5 mm/1.70 mm.

  • Spikes wire diameter 2.0 mm/1.50 mm.

  • Strength of horizontal line wire: min. 1150 N/ .

  • Strength of barb wire: 700/900 N/.

  • Stranded wire breaking load: min. 4230 N.

  • Packed in coils: 20-50 kg/coil or 50 m – 400 m/coil.


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