How  to Judge Y Picket Post or T Studded Post ?

The method to discriminate Y post and T post

Usually,Judging whether it is Y picket post or T studded post only needs to look at two points. Including the middle and bottom of the post.

First, look at the middle of the post.

When you inspect the post, if you find many bumps in the middle, there is no doubt that it is a T post. Conversely, if you don't see a bump but a hole, it means it is Y picket post, not T studded post.

Second, look at the bottom of the post.

When you pick up T post and compare with Y post, you will quickly find that one of their bottoms is pointed and the other is flat. In order to meet the needs of customers, we have designed the bottom of the post to be pointed and flat. And named the post with a pointed bottom as Y picket post and the flat bottom named T studded post.

In addition, you can judge the Y  post and T studded post based on its cross-sectional shape.

The Y-shaped cross-section is Y picket post, and the T-shaped cross-section is T studded post.

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