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WE BUilt beautiful


First-class production equipment, strong research and development ability, always to meet your need


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Crimped mesh

Woven crimped mesh is our most competitive mesh, we can provide various kinds of metal mesh for you

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mining Mesh

welded mine mesh

we can produce welded mine mesh,chain link mine mesh and galvanized woven mine mesh

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Filter mesh

Various filters

We can produce various types of filter mesh sheet or tube .The filter mesh produced by our company mainly includes woven, punching and welding.

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Anping Ying Hang Yuan Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. It is located in the largest wire mesh manufacture base in Asia, Anping County, Hebei, China. It has become a big comprehensive wire mesh company which is engaged in domestic and foreign trade. Since our international business department set up now our products are sold 50 countries and area, such as USA, Germany, Italy, Australia, and Southeast Asia etc.

Our factory has been passed the Bureau Veritas certificated: ISO 9001: 2015 and CE certificate. We have cooperated with China big steel factory for 20 years, our steel raw material quality meets the international standard. We also can offer difference steel raw material test report.


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Our company specializes in ginning net, galvanized net, steel welded mesh, woven mesh, punching net, chain link net, mesh cloth and other metal wire mesh products. Welcome foreign trade partners to come to buy

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